Deconstructing Systemic Victimization

Deconstructing Systemic Victimization “Deconstructing the Victim-Perpetrator Paradigm: A Heuristic” - Theophus “Thee” Smith Emory University
Dr. “Thee” Smith presented at the Colloquium on Violence & Religion in July of 2007.

His talk was “Deconstructing the Victim-Perpetrator Paradigm: A Heuristic.”

See the slideshow and transcript/notes.

Invocation:  “The only resolution of this dilemma is found in experiencing… [myself] as victim behind my victimizing… recognizing ourselves as victimizing victims in our day-to-day living… whence we punish the other…”

Postscript:  “Therefore an emancipatory practice of subjectivity must posit as its goal not the immediate realization of ‘the (given) self,’ but the emergence of a ‘self-in-solidarity.’ One measure of the effectiveness of such a practice would be the extent to which it assisted and enabled people to act in co-operation with each other in achieving the communal goals of liberation.”
~ Erica Sherover-Marcuse, Emancipation and Consciousness (NY & Oxford, UK: Basil Blackwell, 1986), p. 142.