Orlando Coalition of Organizations Brings home Marker for July Perry & Ocoee Race Riot / Massacre

STAR Executive Board Member Curtis Michelson has worked hard with a coalition of many Orlando area leaders and organizations and EJI to make this happen. More Peace and Power to your coalition, the July Perry Family and all people everywhere working to help make the light on these past atrocities bring healing to our present and future.

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Act to Remember Racial Terrorism-FCRC

Fulton County Remembrance Coalition (FCRC)

STAR Recognizes and supports the Mission and actions of FCRC and the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) and we will actively promote their efforts and the efforts of like organizations here in Georgia.

The Fulton County Remembrance Coalition has partnered with the Equal Justice Initiative to engage our community in a process of reconciliation with our history of racial terrorism. They are committed to collecting soil at the sites of Fulton County’s 35 documented racial terror lynchings, erecting historical markers, claiming our county’s monument from the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, and fostering a lasting dialogue founded on truth and justice.

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FCRC Meeting

May 29 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Auburn Avenue Research Library, 101 Auburn Ave NE
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STAR Perspective

We must Recognize and Remember offenses – the victims and the perpetrators – in order to Reconcile their history, their present and their future.  We are committed to this process and all who are sacrificing to make it happen.

Derius Robinson Case

Derius Robinson
Derius Robinson

STAR Intern Veronica Hart interviewed Ms. Vonceia Robinson, mother of imprisoned son, Derius Robinson. Ms. Hart invited Ms. Robinson to share the details and accounts leading up to her son’s imprisonment within the Savannah, Georgia (Chatham County) criminal justice, legal, and judicial system. The interview also entails accounts of abuse reported by Mr. Robinson involving police officials and misconduct throughout various levels of the Chatham County system.


This series of events between Derius Robinson and the Savannah, GA police, as well as other Chatham County officials, took place between May 2016 and May 2018. As of June, 2018, Derius is still locked up without legal representation and continues to be denied bond and release from jail. Ms. Robinson, Derius, his family, friends, and other members of the community consider this to be an unlawful detainment that has exceeded legal limitations and violates his civil rights.

This interview is archived with Story Corps.

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Especially now, as current tensions and conflicts escalate nationwide, opportunities also increase  to work toward healing and restoration, justice and unity.

Deconstructing Systemic Victimization “Deconstructing the Victim-Perpetrator Paradigm: A Heuristic” - Theophus “Thee” Smith Emory University

Deconstructing Systemic Victimization

Deconstructing Systemic Victimization “Deconstructing the Victim-Perpetrator Paradigm: A Heuristic” - Theophus “Thee” Smith Emory University
Dr. “Thee” Smith presented at the Colloquium on Violence & Religion in July of 2007.

His talk was “Deconstructing the Victim-Perpetrator Paradigm: A Heuristic.”

See the slideshow and transcript/notes.

Invocation:  “The only resolution of this dilemma is found in experiencing… [myself] as victim behind my victimizing… recognizing ourselves as victimizing victims in our day-to-day living… whence we punish the other…”

Postscript:  “Therefore an emancipatory practice of subjectivity must posit as its goal not the immediate realization of ‘the (given) self,’ but the emergence of a ‘self-in-solidarity.’ One measure of the effectiveness of such a practice would be the extent to which it assisted and enabled people to act in co-operation with each other in achieving the communal goals of liberation.”
~ Erica Sherover-Marcuse, Emancipation and Consciousness (NY & Oxford, UK: Basil Blackwell, 1986), p. 142.